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 Cabal ; Guild Legends.

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PostSubject: Cabal ; Guild Legends.   Cabal ; Guild Legends. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2008 12:40 am

Members asked me to make a topic on the forum to discuss and explain what our guild is on about.

Well, First of all We're a guild of fun, We all wanna play for fun and not because its your life.

Our guild is Called Legends * And is been hold by Tazz & And Me atm.

Some information:

Nation: Cappela.
Allieds: DutchHellTerror
Enemy's: ....
Level requirement: level 40 ( Can be change in the near future )

Alright Why did i choosed for a Cappela Nation? We'll Our friends and allieds DutchHellTerror are and going to be Cappela's so we will follow our friends and help them in any way possible.
I don't want to hear you fight with a Allied, This can result in a kick!

The level Requirement only counts for the people who arent in the guild yet.
So meathead and Sintira Remember don't recruit people below the level 40
Like in every month / half a month we will raise our level requirement so we keep mostly our levels the same. And inactive people will be kicked.

Ok some rules short:

When level 95 choose nation: Cappela.
Don't Attack Allied without promission!
Level Requirement : 40!
Don't Whine in game.
Don't Spam in game.
Listen to the GuildMaster & Guildleaders.
Inactive people will be kicked.
Play Fair & for Fun.
Talk English in the guild chat.

More information can be added to this topic so keep an eye out! Have fun!


> Proud To Be a member of legends *
MarcOvic||Level 51||ForceShielder||Expert/Expert||
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Cabal ; Guild Legends. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cabal ; Guild Legends.   Cabal ; Guild Legends. Icon_minitimeTue Mar 25, 2008 4:30 pm

Also i think it would be nice to see a list of every1 who is wich class. I dont like it to have 100 force schielders and 2 mages in de clan.

Cabal ; Guild Legends. Whatcolor_isblack
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Cabal ; Guild Legends.
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