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 offi versus Team Baco

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offi versus Team Baco Empty
PostSubject: offi versus Team Baco   offi versus Team Baco Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2007 11:23 pm

offi versus team baco.

Good war, lost it 17-11,unlucky.

First map, hunt, went very well: 4-3 won 4-3 lost, 7-7 while loading second map.

On v2 we started to suck.
Lost 10-4, prolly 5-2 both sides.

Very unlucky.

Players: Mr.Šoom, Soapy, §pitfire and me.

Players tB : Crea, Fastshot, Borrelnoot, Black Label.

Well played, rematch anytime Smile

Unlucky we lost.

CB Report:

offi versus Team Baco 24
Legends poonage!
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offi versus Team Baco
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